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  • License Plan

    01. Personal License (For individuals)  We’re providing a person license pricing for an individual, a freelancer, a hobbyist, and a sole proprietor...

  • Use Layer (Drape Additional Garment)

    Objective This function allows easier Simulation when setting which layer to get in/outward among overlapped multiple layers. By using this functio...

  • Convert to Curve Point (AI Bezier Curve)

    Objective Convert AI Bezier Curve's Segment Points to Free Curve Points. Location Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Edit ▶ Edit Pattern / Edit Curve Point 2...

  • Is Marvelous Designer available on Mac OS?

    Yes, we provide both Windows and Mac versions of Marvelous Designer. See System Requirements

  • What are the recommended / minimum System requirements?

    Please visit the manual for details.

  • System Requirements

    Windows    Category Minimum Recommended OS Windows 10 64-bit (1903 or later) Windows 10 64-bit (21H1 or later) Windows 11 64...

  • ZIPPER: Zipper Tape Properties

    Objective Modify the Zipper tape properties.     Location 3D Toolbar ▶ Select/Move ▶ Zipper Tape (Click On Zipper Tape)▶ Property Editor   Operatio...

  • [Mode] UV EDITOR

    A mode where editing UV of Garment. (ver. 7.5) [Definition of UV screen, coordination, and tiles] Horizontal axis: UVertical axis: V A square of on...

  • 3D File (Alembic) Import/Export

    Objective Import/Export the object, cache, normal, and animation data contained within an Alembic file (ver2.4.0). Location Import Alembic Main Men...

  • 3D File (FBX) Import/Export

    Objective Import a file's Geometry, Material, Joint, and Camera Animation information in the FBX file format (ver2.2.0). Location Import FBX Main M...