Multi layered costume / instability issues

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    Hi Libor Batek,

    Thank you for contacting us.


    I would advise you to increase the simulation quality to a larger number like 7 and increate scene time warp number while you are simulating. Scene time warp will Adjust speed of Animation frames and starch out each frame base on the iteration number you set..

    I would not set the particle distance too low.

    Optimize 3D Garment for Animation

    The heavier the garment, the slower and harder it records. Follow the steps below to make it lighter.

    1. For a multi-layered garment, increase particle distance to 20mm for inner layers that are not as visible as outer layers.
    2. Delete invisible and any other unnecessary layers.
    3. Outer layers:
      →Set the particle distance to 10mm for parts that does not require higher level of expression of wrinkles.
      →Set the particle distance to 5mm for parts that require higher level of expression of wrinkles. If there is large quantity of layers set to 5mm, set all of them to 7mm.

    I would also like to point you to this tutorial as there could be some information that can also help with your project. [Link]

    In this tutorial,  I have cut the bottom of the shirt and sewed it to the inside of the belt of the pants.  It is always important to optimize your scene before going to animation mode to make the simulation more stable. 



    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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    thanks for your very deep and def helpful answer. I will try to incorporate it in my setup.  One of the very best support I ve got!



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