Avatar goes though clothing when animating

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    Hi Sarrett Wendy,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Could you please send us some screen shots so we can better help your issue?

    Does the draping of the garment work?  And does it breaks only when it's animating?  My guess is that the issue is with your avatar's surface normal.  The collision only functions at the positive normal direction. 

    In addition, you can set the avatar collision by clicking on the avatar and in the property editor change the skin offset.  For garment, you can select the pattern piece and change the Add Thickness - Collison in the property editor under simulation properties.  However, I don't think they would help your case, since the avatar collision is not disabled. 

    The solidify feature will help maintain the fabric shape when simulating, it will maintain the cloth's shape, creases and folds.  Apply a high strength of solidify will make the fabric act more plastic but won't help with collision.

    I would also like to point you to our Animation Editor tutorial [Link], you may find some helpful information to help with your issue there.


    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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    Here's a video of what is happening...this is better than originally.  I tried taking and it seemed to initially help but then I still ran into issues

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    Hi Sarrett Wedny, 

    First of all, please use CPU simulation, it is much more stable.  On the top, in the simulation drop down menu, chose "Normal (Default)" Option.

    Please watch our Animation Editor Video for more information.  [Link] 

    In this video, we go into detail , and talk about each steps in creating multilayered stable simulation, it will help with your issue.  For example, in the video, we talked about using "Scene Time Warp" to adjust the speed of animation frames, increasing the Simulation Quality iteration number, which will all help with the stability of the simulation. 


    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team


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