Simulating foam fill in pillows & cushions?

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    Hello Adam Gravois,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    I'd like to give you a few other tips to try :)

    1. There is a way to create a pillow using Simulation Thickness (Add'|Thickness-Collision) instead of Pressure.
    If the pressure is centered on both sides, the thickness will widen the gap between the fabric to make it more distant, so it will come out closer to the silhouette you want, but it may not get along with the cushion on the opposite side.
    So, I recommend that you make one by one, then turn off the simulation and just place them.


    2. There is a way to make the middle part flat or slightly convex, and then fix it with the Pin feature of the 3D Window toolbar. However, depending on proficiency, it may not be naturally simulated.


    3. If you want to remove undesirable corner pinch ridges, go to Sculpt mode at the top right. Then, use the Release brush from the toolbar to make the desired shape and freeze them.


    I hope this information helps you! Should have any further questions, please let us know :) Have a lovely day!

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    If you make an inner to model the pillow case over, you can make it any shape you want, eg: with round corners and from more than one piece.


    You can also use air flow > aka >  wind to form the cushion using the spherical wind tool. (image 2)


    You can also model a pillow slip over a frozen inflated shape for a start shape, eg: corners pulling back > then add in 'strengthen' to the inflated pillow case to retain it's shape, yet still simulate. That is a way to literally add starch to your cloth. (image 1)


    Finally you can add in radii and piping to the corners so you don't get that pointy effect > using edge binding tape to stiffen that area of the pillow.

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    Website appears to be screwed it will not accept images over 20kb ???

    image 1 below > You can also line sew to an avatar and strengthen the simulation after it has creased.


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    Thank you both for the suggestions! Lots of ideas to try, I appreciate it


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