Avatar and object simulation at same time

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    The cloth has to not touch or intersect with any other object at the start. If you are asking how to have the avatar sit down in the chair, and perhaps lean on the desk while the cloth reacts to those movements, then you need to have those objects animate as well as the avatar. Start with the chair NOT so close to the avatar that the cloth intersects it at first. Instead, have it back a bit more, then animate the avatar moving slightly backward while going to a sitting pose. If you need the desk there, then after having the avatar sit, then both the avatar and chair needs to move forwards slightly at the same time. It will be a complex animation, and you will need to plot out each item involved. It can be done, but it will take some doing. Think of all the movements involved: wear a bathrobe yourself and sit down in a chair.. what are each of the movements you perform? A person sitting at a table or desk sits, then scoots the chair forward to get the knees under the desk. It will be a complex series of simpler movements done one after the other.


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