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    Hello Antonia Schmidt,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    For further inspection, could you please share your project file via or any other drive platform where we can access the file? It would be only used for the test purpose.

    I look forward to your reply soon! Thank you :)

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    Hello Antonia Schmidt,

    Thank you for sharing the file with us!


    According to your inquiry, you have to do additional work on other software to sync the simulated garment, not in the Marvelous Designer. 


    I hope this information helps you.

    Have a lovely day :)

    Should have further questions, please let me know.


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    I'd be intersted in knowing this too, maybe it can be done with the alembic export. 

    This comment by the community manager Support Agent is the least helpful comment I have ever read! What additional work, what other software? Totally unhelpful. 

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    I stumbled on this looking for the same functionality. Can we request this as a new feature please?  It would be great to create simulation loops fully with in MD itself.

    Smith Oliver Antonia Schmidt  You can loop simulations in your DCC, here we're using C4D, but it could be Maya or whatever. Pose morph is a common 3D function across software.

    Here's an example of it

    You would then be able to re-export a new alembic of this, but again, you should be able to do it all in the source program, in this case MD.

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    pixeldeviant I actually got it to work in a roundabout way using the alembics and then rendering as Motion Clips in Cinema 4D and then using that to blend between the beginning and end. Had to simulate a load more frames for the overlap.

    Basically like this but use your Marvelous clothes instead of baked Mixamo. Quite a faff, but it worked. 

    But it would be great to be able to do it within the program!

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    Ah yes Smith Oliver, that's another good idea!  You shouldn't have to simulate extra frames though?  It would just be like looping something in After Effects, just duplicate the layer and fade the end into the beginning.

    I've contacted Clo/MD about the simulation looping as a feature request, hopefully they implement it!

    It would be so handy for NFT's and game dev!

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