Can't change Gizmo type to Local Coordinate

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    Hello fohlens

    Thank you for contacting us :)

    As Angel Angel mentioned, the Local Coordinate Gizmo axis is based on following the native direction of an object. The local gizmo works the same as the world gizmo if the selected object does not have a reference axis. The local gizmo is mainly usable when designing poses from the avatar's X-ray joint points, the wind, and the light.

    For more detail information, I've attached the Gizmo Axis Setting manual. (click here)

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    In the manual it shows that the (local) gizmo is geared to use on the avatar joints.


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    Thanks for response, Sonia and Angel.

    I understood that the local gizmo is for objects but not patterns.


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    fohlens You're welcome :)

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    Local co-ordinates on cloth that is constantly simulated is not really needed, and having that mode is really more about 'hard modelling' techniques that you find in external 3D modelling apps where that is needed to set relational geometry surfaces (eg: joints and engineering).


    In MD it would likely never be needed as you are working almost exclusively on the 2D pattern that is already under paper space constraints. And if you want to place an object asset you have the 'glue' tool that follows the 'local' normal ray of the cloth in realtime as you drop it in place, then use the world or screen gizmo to orientate, so that is usually suffice.

    Many are coming from CG and hard modeling spaces, but in MD the feature of local co-ordinate for cloth is maybe a bit redundant .... in 8 years of using MD I have never needed it nor missed it.

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    I see. Thanks for detailed explanation.


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    I find Local co-coordinates is helpful when setting up the Arrangment tubes. These tubes helps the cloth when wrapping around tight fitting garment.  currently these tubes are treated as pattern and not having local orientation which is rather annoying.

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