2D Avatar Orientation (beginner) SKI MASK DESIGN

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    The 2D silhouette is just a cross-section slice of the 3D avatar as it is originally loaded into MD.  The 3D avatar may rotate, or the camera may move, but the silhouette stays in place, as you have seen.
    In order to get a side profile silhouette, you will need to (if you are using one of the MD avatars) export it to another program (like Blender, etc.) then rotate it 90 degrees, save it (with a new name!) and re-import into MD.  If you want both the front and side profiles available in MD in the same scene, make sure to also move the avatar in the other program to one side as well as rotate it, then use the Add Avatar option, and you should have both avatars and their silhouettes in the scene.
    If you created your avatar in another program, duplicate it, rotate and move one, then save/export it for use in MD as above.

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    Awesome, Thank You so much, I really appreciate it!! 

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    Rosemary And it worked like a charm! You're the best!

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