Please enable Hotkey to toggle "Deactivate Avatar"

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    Do you want an option for the avatar to just hide or to entirely no longer interact with the fabric (the garments will fall to the ground if you do this)? For hiding your avatar the hot key is SHIFT+A to toggle. (if you hover it over the hide/ show avatar option you will see the hot key for the tools that have base hot keys)


    You can also create custom hot keys by going to Settings > User settings > Shortcuts and there you can make your own hot keys for tools

  • Alexx Comment actions Permalink

    thanks for reply: I would like to be able to toggle the Interaction if the Avatar.
    I use frequently Shift-A, but when something needs to be pulled through an arm or leg, then a short deactivation is good. Sometimes I deactivate gravity and pin or freeze all other parts.
    So nothing falls to ground.
    I‘m struggling with situations, when trying to fit a dress on a new avatar.
    I did not see a chance to assign a hotkey to „interactivity“ of the avatar. If possible please tell where.

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