Problems about simulation

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    From the looks of the first and second pictures, there is also a rotation of the figure, as well as a downward movement.  It looks like the avatar figure is retaining that movement information and exporting it in the FBX file.   In C4D, make sure there is no alteration of the figure's position at any time in your creation process.    

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    When you work in C4D you need to be careful that the zero position (world) and parenting along with datum per object motion on export are all correct. Basically you have these most likely all wrong in C4D - so you need to go through each of them and correct it there and then on export. When you import into MD you need to choose the correct swizzle (vector) orientation (xyz) to match the swizzle axis that you exported  from your previous software. 

    Check list : C4D > the object positions of your model, the parenting and the export scale etc has been zero'd, the swizzle orientation and on import MD > choose the correct (matching) swizzle orientation and scale / for motion.


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