Importing Retopo file as garnement , Keep the same topology (full quad)

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    Hey Henrique Mayasteque


    Currently, when importing an OBJ as a garment it will re-mesh the object into the native tri-mesh for the most accurate cloth simulation. There isn't an option to change that when imported, but we will share the idea with our development team. 

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    You need to work the other way around. Design the garment in MD and then export for development and topology if you tweak (edit) the pattern pieces you then create a mesh density (count) issue you have to resolve - so that is perhaps your technical stumbling block.


    MD allow you to import a mesh model as garment, but you cannot edit that mesh as it is not in pattern pieces. You can also import a 3D model with UV and MD will attempt to trace that UV and flat form the 3D model seamlines into flat form pattern pieces, however that is very dependent on how the algorithm will interpret compound curved surfaces that might not be easily developed into a 2D flat media like cloth - so there can be very fickle results with that approach. If you were to go that path, you would be best to trace a low poly mesh you maybe baked your high poly model onto as your base garment being sent to MD for UV tracing.


    The best method is do the garment in MD, and create a low poly cloth assembly (sewn) that you can then bake down as a high poly development onto that low poly cloth. You need to factor in 'freezing' your garments pattern design edits at the right moment and know how to think of development as a process of sub assemblies to minimize editing re-work. Done right you get full control. 



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    Hi MD team,

    Oh! That's a pity that the option isn't available. Thanks for sharing the idea with the dev' team, I would love the see this feature. 


    Hi Angel Angel, 

    Thanks for sharing your workflow I will try this way. Your Soft tool seam pretty amazing. congrat'

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    A matter of necessity sometimes.

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