Problems with retypology

  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    If you rotate the patterns in the 2D window.. you can no longer make proper typology !


    I hope hope the devs read this :)

  • Marvelous Designer Team COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Hello Andersen Rasmus,

    Thank you for letting us know about the potential bugs that you are experiencing. We have been able to recreate the second comment but not the first. Can you send us a support ticket and explain what you are experiencing with the file that this is happening on so we can better assist you?

  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    Hey there!

    I found out that I got the same problem because all of my "front sleeves" were drawn laying down and then rotated. So that is why I had the same problem in all of my files!

    Now it works fine because I do not rotate the 2D pattern in the 2D window.

    I'm glad you were able to recreate the problem :)

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    You need to sew your patterns around the avatar in the correct surface facing. It's a problem that can generally be overcome by switching the 3D window to the thin surface view mode and checking the color of the pattern faces in your garment assembly. (where you can flip pattern piece normal's to remedy this assembly error)  The light face of a pattern piece should be pointing outwards. The other human check is using the bounding volumes and arrangement points to locate your pattern pieces around the avatar. If you use that approach the patterns will be flipped to the correct face and if you have accidentally sewn a mirrored pattern piece to the wrong side of a garment it will become apparent before you get into topology.


    The human visual check - before you do final detailed work is always a good thing to toss into your workflow with MD as patterns, seams and stitching can be flipped easily whilst working.

  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    I know about the faces. and all of them are pointing the right way. This is not the problem.


    Problem is that if you draw a piece in the 2D window and rotate the piece in the 2D window.


    When you then later do typology thing. It makes a bug on the rotated pattern. 

    As they confirmed:


    "We have been able to recreate the second comment"


    So dont rotate patterns in the 2D window! :P

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