Animation problems

  • Rosemary Comment actions Permalink

    In your last image, your avatar has gotten darker, indicating that it's normals are inverted.  MD cloth is programmed to move to the outside **as defined by the normals**.  So, somewhere in the export sequence, your normals got changed.  The MD import box looks correct, so recheck the export options in DAZ.

  • French Tony Comment actions Permalink

    Thanks Rosemary - still looking into the problems with DAZ but will get there in the end! 

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    Yes definitely a flipped normal's issue causing the MD cloth to want to simulate to the inside of the avatar. When you export from DAZ you may need to run a test on the swizzle axis - I harp on about these in so many posts and I am definitely becoming a 'swizzle fanatic' - but it can often bee at the root of the problem between softwares. basically this means the surface vector gets flipped due to the x,y,z axis not being correctly described between softwares (one of the axis - swizzle vectors can be negative) and this can result in the avatar being orientated correctly in the 3D view yet have a flipped surface. This can also be the result of an 'obscure' fault due to how they DAZ have a different way to handle the export format relative to your next software - so that is my little nerdy tip for you, as people can end up ripping their hair out trying to find what surface axis got flipped during export. But that is where it will sit in that fluffy space between software's.

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