Frabric stretching when lifting arms.

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    @ Marcuswilm -   thanks, I didn't realize I forgot to actually upload the pic.

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    1. Use the Trace and Flatten tools to get a better fit for your avatar.  Check out this video at the timestamp, where Meg is discussing this feature:


    2.  Do your garment construction with the arms raised first. Then lower the arms.  Yes, you will have a bit more fabric under the arms when lowered, but that is how garments work.  That is a problem that tailors have been working around for centuries.  Look up ' under-arm gussets'....    The development of the fitted 'suit' is a fairly modern thing.  You will either need more cloth on the torso or more cloth on the sleeve to get a fit that looks good in both arms-up **and** arms-down positions.  Each avatar will be different, and will need adjustments to a standard pattern.  


    3.Don't go for strengthening the fabric.  Instead add more stretch to allow the fabric to move easier.




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    @ Rosemary,  Thank you so much, very helpful!

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    You can use the steam tool to cheat how the fabric stretches over the shoulder, but you should simply make well shaped patterns with the arms down by the sides - humans don't walk around with their arms out - cough - well maybe now they do to check distancing , but in the past that was only in video game character setups where garments were sculpted like clay - cloth is a flat material that needs to be developed from the flat form into the compound shape on humans whom pose naturally.Arms out is the worst position for tailoring - as it makes for an unnatural garment shape pattern. Never tailor a garment that is a flat medium on an avatar with arms out - rule #1. 



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