How to Import and resize avatar

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    Depending on what file format you are using, when importing you should see one of these boxes.  The scaling in done in the areas that I have highlighted in red:


    You will need to know what scale/units you used in the export program, and what size your figure is.  MD works with real-world human scale avatars, so the correct final size should be about 1.5-2 meters tall (add zeros if the scale is in centimeters or millimeters).  

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    I think the emphasis needs to be on ensuring when you export you avatar/model out from your previous software app before you import into MD must also be set correctly. Many people when modelling don't know how to set their export options relative to world scale units and local model scale units. These are two very important considerations you need to investigate in your previous software before you import into MD. Dependent on what software you use for modelling and how you have the unit scale setup can greatly effect what size model you output - which means this is not always a MD problem, it's a workflow and software issue with your previous modelling app. So make sure you also get that right before you import into MD, that way you will be able to choose the autoscale or correct units type in MD and it will work consistently. And with this you also need to consider the x,y,z swizzle orientation of your previous software as that may mean your model imports in the wrong orientation into MD. 


    Usually you can make presets in 3D modelling software to save these world unit, local units scale, and swizzle axis orientation into a single preset settings for export. That is worth doing as it speeds the process and records all those conditions in your previous app - so you can simply call that up when you export. So make sure you set an export preset and process to check your models scale before you export to MD. It's important to get that right as well.  


    :-)  << ka-zinger

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