Meta Data/ Image folder : resolution too low / Srcreen shots while turning the Avatar

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    Hi Christine,

    I'm definitely not an expert in Marvelous Designer (just learning right now).

    I couldn't find a way to do this in the ui (there may be one), but if you are comfortable with python, then you can change the image size of snapshots using the python api.

    Go to Script->Python in the UI. A python terminal window will pop up.

    To set the width and height of the image that you want your screen capture to be type the following command in the shell and hit enter;-

    mdsa.set_capture_screen_width_and_height(widthInPixels, heightInPixels)

    e.g. mdsa.set_capture_screen_width_and_height(200, 100)

    Then to actually do the screen capture you can do;-



    Hope this helps you.



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