Collision Masks or Collision selections NEED HELP.

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    You can either animate a sequence with an avatar that has no hands so the cloth does not get hit, then replace it with an avatar that has hands, or if the cloth is bouncing up, dampen it (springs settings) so it is not so bouncy, (or even tack it on a short thread so it limits the garments travel)  and you can also reduce the avatars friction setting on the skin (there are 2 settings for this) so that the cloth simply glides off the hands.


    Another trick is to place a hidden layer of cloth, that acts as a barrier after tracking the hand movement so there is never any obstruction. If you run a vector trace on the hands across the animation you can build those volumes that are free of hand activity and keep the cloth to those areas. Just set up a node to trace those vertices sets. You can also run a particle emitter in the scene to add in things like additional influence to change the cloths behavior and keep it hidden - eg: downward planar wind force.


    So lots of ways to over come this.



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