does anyone knows why my garment keep snapping to the endge while I try create topology tool?

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    Hello Jaw Seo ryong,


    The Retopology tool does snap to the circumference of the pattern as a feature when you start making your retopology, if you zoom in it will snap less.  Can you clarify with an image or explain a little further the issue you are encountering, so we can better assist you?

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    ok. if you look at the top right garment, there is a little circle point.

    which i am not pointing with my mouse. i am pointing in the middle of garment.

    but, that's not an issue. that means that garment is in error.

    there is no response even though you try to create vertex by "Create Topology" tool.
    nothing happens while click  on the garment. it is supposed to be created vertex by clicking.


    but the others working fine. only specific garment happen sometime. not everytime.
    I think it's just a bug. so I deleted that garment and made new one like double times. and worked fine.
    but i think this will be common issue cuz it happened already twice to me. I hope MD fixes in the future! thx

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