I don't know what Add'l thickness - collision functions in MD.

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    Judging by the very visible edges to the cloth's polys,  I would say that you are working with an imported avatar.   And, that avatar is too small for the MD world space.   MD works on a real-world human figure scale, and the cloth mesh properties at default settings are geared toward that scale.  If you are seeing jagged, noticeable edges, then the avatar is so small that the cloth polys are too large by comparison.  MD works best (at default settings) with avatars that range from ~1200 to 2000 millimeters (or 120 - 200 cm, or 1.2 - 2 meters) tall.   And if your avatar is too small, then the default offsets are too large by comparison.


    Check the scale units from the program you are coming from, and the import settings when coming into MD.  Choose the import scaling that will bring your avatar to the correct size, either by choosing a different unit scale, or by choosing a percentage change in the Autoscale option.

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    The avatar is 180cm in world space. I also thought my avatar was small but it's not the reason.

    I reduced 'particle distance' then the problem was resolved. I never expected that 'particle distance' is contributed to the distance two different fabric.

    Nevertheless, I haven't yet found out what Add'l thickness - collision does in MD.....:(

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