Failed to load the animation file

  • Ng Vee Comment actions Permalink

    You can try reimporting your avatar as a morph target (export your first frame as an obj), this won't fix your animation issues, but should be able to reset your avatar back to start position.

  • Boerner Steve Comment actions Permalink

    Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up replacing the avatar and manually moved the garments back into position. Took a little time but everything is back to start. Made a backup this time.

    It looks like the problem may be related to the 5.1.445 upgrade. After building and saving the new file, I still got the "NULL" warning every time I opened the file. This got me worried - I don't want to lose another animation - so I spent an hour or so troubleshooting the avatar file, which was an FBX animation exported from Maya.

    I finally realized that the only thing that had changed was the recent upgrade to 5.1.445. So I reinstalled the previous version (5.1.431) and the NULL warnings went away.

    The problem seems to be created when you save a file with an FBX animation. Files saved with previous versions open fine. Files saved with 5.1.445 open with a NULL warning.

    This is based on a quick test, and it may be that the warning is harmless. But I'm planning to use 5.1.431 going forward.


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