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    Hello Kayima Ronald,

    Thank you for contacting us!


    In response to your inquiry, I helped you to deactivate your license. For your information, you could also check 'auto deactivation' option at login dialogue of software in order to prevent you from getting into this situation again.


    Please try to log in again and let us know if you have any further questions. Have a lovely day!

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    Suggest you open the old forum for read. Many questions can be answered by reference there.

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    Wow this is an empty place. I hope that's not indicative of anything :)

    I've attempted to load a default Gen 2 Daz base character into MD and I keep getting this error:

    Arrangement Points were not fitted to the avatar. The avatar must be in a T-pose or A-pose.

    I am using the 9.5 MD trial and the latest Daz software. I don't change anything, just load a G2 figure and export it as an OBJ.

    I have been guided to follow this post, but same issue persists: https://www.versluis.com/2015/03/how-to-import-daz-characters-into-marvelous-designer/

    Please advise.

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    i have failed to login into my computer..it keeps on saying licence is already i n use by another computer

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    you probably used MD on another system and either you did not log off on exit or MD aborted and stopped without logging off.

    Either open MD on that perevious PC or ask helpdesk to reset.


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    Heya! I'm trying to get these kind of stiff folds in my garment, but can't seem to figure it out. I'm using a Windbreaker preset I had found, and it helps, but it's not quite there. Any tips on achieving said look? Thank you!

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    Hello Flory Derick,

    Thank you for contacting us!


    You may try our Wrinkle Brush in Sculpt mode to make your own realistic wrinkles on the garments (manual linke here).

    You may also change the physical property of the garment in the Property Editor (manual linke here).


    I hope this information helps you! Should have further questions, please let me know. Have a lovely day!

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    Hi guys, I'm making a suit with a silk ribbon flying over the character's head, when simulating, I put the wind down, everything seems fine but my client wants only the silk to fly up into the sky in the opposite direction (green arrow). Please advise how to make the ribbon fly up during simulation for me, thank you!

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