Clothing Stuck At The End Of The Animation

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    Hi Lyonchev Lyubomir,

    Thank you for contacting us,

    It is likely because you have made an edit to the garment pattern and the cache for the garment is deleted. Since the animation cache baked in the animation editor is base on the mesh point, any change to the garment will modify the points of the mesh thus clear the animation cache.

    In addition, when you close and open Marvelous Designer again, all your history will be cleared.  That's why you could use Ctrl +Z to go back before but not able to this time.

    The best workflow would be finish your garment making and save as a project file.  And in another project file, do your animation works. 

    And for your specific situation, what you can do is in the 3D software which you are using, reverse the Animation and cache it out again.  In Marvelous Designer, simulate back to your default pose. 


    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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