Export surface problem error

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    Hi Jom Jim,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Marvelous Designer will export texture map images but the OBJ file does not contain any texture information.  In Blender or Keyshot, when you load it in, by default it creates a default Principled or Phong shader.  Please assign a new material like diffuse or lambert.  Also, please recomputed the normal since it could be a normal problem. 

    If this still doesn't work, could you please send us a support ticket with your file attached, so we can better help you with.


    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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    I managed to solve the problem, posting the solution here in case anyone else finds themselves with the same issue.

    In blender under "Object Data Properties" there is a button called "Clear Custom Split Normals Data". Clicking this removed the texture and left the mesh looking clean again. I suppose it reset the normal data.

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