MD 11 - Where is some stuff?

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    Hello Marques Gabriel,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    For setting the layers, please click the pattern and activate the pattern Property Editor. Just for your information, setting the "Sublayer" feature is only available in CLO3D software. I'd like to share the manual for Sublayer of CLO3D just in case. Click here.

    For setting the normal map, you have to click the fabric and activate the fabric Property Editor.


    I hope this helps you! Should you have any other question, please let me know :)

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    To help you in the future when looking at online resources, Marques Gabriel If the UI and icons (you are looking at in your reference to "where to set sublayer" be it youtube, a google image, a live stream, a written unofficial tutorial, etc.) are all BLUE in color when highlighted/selected and if you can see a "C" in the top left corner of the screen: then that is the CLO3D interface, not Marvelous Designer which has ORANGE. 


    Marvelous Designer has different tools than CLO3D and different names for the same tools based on the needs of the different industries (example is only CLO3D has sublayers and seam allowance tools and Marvelous Designer has retopology and sculpting tools). So EVEN IF the online resource (video, stream, image) you are looking at is tagged or titled as "Marvelous Designer" make sure to look at the color of the highlights and logos because they might be using a different software than is tagged. This incorrect tagging/ titling happens often in unofficial tutorials or streams because the software packages are similar (but not the same). 

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