Problem with ribbons

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    That's because they have been converted into a solid object 'trim', that you can glue onto the garment. If you want to keep them as cloth you would need to reconstruct them as separate pattern pieces and simulate them again.

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    Thank you for the response. I am also trying to use a tack to attach the ribbon to a garment but it doesn't work. Do you know how I can attach it?

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    Never mind, I found that you can use the glue. The problem is, when I simulate, the ribbons just stay rigid. I don't get why they would change the ribbons from garments to static meshes. They don't really work correcty when simulating.

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    Yes any trim is a rigid object. That means if you want to have a simulated bow you need to construct it from scratch.



    Below you can see in my 'cheeky' brand of 'Dicky & Fanny' ™ Bow Ties as a digital look book for 'drag and drop' digital fabric texture collection(s) (around 4,000 fabrics from digital capture hardware I created for the fashion industry) as a texture viewing application for interactive fabric textures.


    I have a solid model created from a soft collision model in MD as a render engine nurball, this was a surface model generated in MD that was turned into a render surface adjustable 'parametric' morphing model. However it was originally a cloth collision (draped) set of patterns that I made in MD.  It took about 5 minutes to make this MD bow mode. So it's a pretty fast process - where the 'knot' is simply a small piece of twisted cloth wrapped around two rectangular patterns. Really, simply.



    And you can make variations on a theme by tweaking the bow patterns > eg: from 'clown' sized bow tie to 'professor' thin bow tie. In this case I actually made these two models morph between mesh vertex ID counts so I could get any variation of bow tie shape in between. I call it a 'smart' bow.  ;-)

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    To create more complex ribbons you can see my notes and software links in another thread that automatically ties the ribbon knots using the MD trace feature, that will generate all the types of knots in collision cloth patterns. It's a one click process - so it's very fast.


    Ribbon and knot - Post > [click this link]

    Below a simple chinese button knot created as a thin rectangular pattern in MD and then 'thickness' with edge curvature added to make a rope knot.. This is using the ribbon knot software process that automatically assembles your knot shape in MD, that you then simulate into a draped shape on your garment. So you may use this process to create incredibly complex tied ribbons, chords, rope, and ties in a few minutes with a few mouse clicks.



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