New Version of Marvelous doesn't allow quads!

  • Marvelous Designer Team COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Hello geordie,

    For us to further assist you with the issue you are going through, could you kindly let us know in which environment you are having this issue with? Along with this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send us the screen capture or video record of the issue at

    Thank you and we will look forward to your response.

  • geordie Comment actions Permalink

    I have sent you a vidcap of this issue to 

    Is there a way with python to convert from triangles to quads? 

  • Tylor Timothy Comment actions Permalink

    I'm finding the same issue (Marvelous version 6.1.645 r 37322, trial license, Windows 10 Home). The Mesh Style dropdown box in the Property editor shows the 'Quad' option, but after I click on it the box still reads 'Triangle' and the mesh in the 3D window is unchanged.

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