Simulation Question - Proximity/Magneting

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    Check the cloth patterns are sewn the correct way around > go to single thickness view [ Alt+3] and check the dark side of the garment is pointed inwards > if so > select the pattern piece in the 3D window > right click mouse and choose > flip normal from the pop-up menu.  




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    Thanks for the reply.

    My normals a pointing in the right direction. This must be a physical property that i have to change, but i dont know with.

    I even set the garment friction to zero

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    Use a default fabric preset don't play with them until you have at least tried a basic fabric > simulate and then adjust. Try CPU simulation and not GPU simulation and ensure you do not have a hidden model in your scene that is causing a collision intersect problem. Do this by checking in your scene root tree > that all avatars and characters listed, are not hidden.

    Also check that the character avatar also has normals correctly orientated if it was an imported character, ( you can generally check this in your previous software ) and that the avatar scale is roughly human size (not smaller).

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