Metahuman in Marvelous designer

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    You can change the orientation of the mesh import by changing the x,y,z, axis. You can do this prior to the import in your previous software or when you import in MD, see options on import.


    The T or A pose is preferred by MD to apply it's rig, so when you import a mesh into MD it is looking for the limb position of the mesh. If your incoming mesh avatar is not orientated correctly the MD algorithm that finds the limb position will struggle or fail. So first get your character in based on correct incoming axis model orientation. (the x,y,z axis vector orientation is called the 'swizzle'.) Often different systems work with varying x,y,z axis orientations > your job is to make sure these are correct on import by swapping them correctly.


    The MD avatar rig fit is based on the MD avatar rig finding the limb points to the character mesh. So you also need to factor in that adjustment of any new character in MD may not have the weight painting the same as your previous software as this is an interpolation within MD. So if you are wanting to pose a mesh within MD that matches a character pose externally you need to maybe use mesh vertex morphs instead. That's just a heads up on what you need to look out for technically between systems.




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