why do md tutorials recommend duplicating patterns for fit?

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    The reason behind creating another layer for pressure is that if you didn't the cloth would either fly away, inflate like theyre standing on an air vent or be pressed onto the avatar like a strong wind. It is necessary to do so to create the appearance you are going for, Marvelous Designer works on the concept of pattern and garment creation used in real life.

    For example: to create a "puff look" you need two layers of "fabric" and something in between to apply pressure to either side. In real life, you use Batting and in Marvelous Designer you use Pressure to replicate it in a similar concept by adding opposing pressures to the materials. If you applied pressure to only 1 layer of material it would either be pushed away from the avatar or towards your avatar - it could not create a Puff, it only works with the 2 layers of opposing pressure. These concepts can be applied similarly to your other questions too. Sometimes the effect just doesn't work with one layer or its not as accurate doing only one layer (elastic is always 2-3 layers in real life for example) and weft and warp change the fit (look up bias dresses and Fabric grain direction for more information)

    Give it a try on your own while playing in the software, turn off gravity and give a rectangle pattern piece a pressure value, and watch it fly (instead of make a puff)!

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