lettuce leaf edging

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    Do a Cut-and-Sew to get a strip of cloth along the edge, if it isn't already a separate piece.  Lower the Particle Distance of that strip to 5 (or less, if possible).  Select the free (unsewn) edge, apply the Elastic property on it and give it a greater than 100 setting.  This will force the free edge to expand and give you that look (called a lettuce leaf edging).

    Don't expect the smooth S-curves you see in the above images.  This technique in MD tends to exaggerate mesh's poly appearance, especially when used on an edge like those in the first two reference images.  The bottom two images would be easier to replicate, as they also have an Elastic gathering happening on the upper sewn edge.  That will help curving to look better on the bottom edge.

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    Small particle distance at edge < 5mm

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