Make the vertical collar more natural

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    You need to check the pattern:  a two-part collar looks more like this:
    The collar 'stand' is the part that sits 'vertically', as you describe it.  Typical collar stands are quite stiff, so using the Bond feature in Properties, and/or the Strengthen option will work well to imitate that.  The outer collar (the 'fall') is also stiffened, but not quite as much, usually.

    On another note:  looking at the way the 3D mesh sits on your avatar, and the relative size of the background grid in your 2D window, I would suggest that you check the scale of your avatar.  MD works best at real-world human scale for garments, as all the cloth properties are geared internally to that scale (cloth stiffness and drape are effected by the size).   Your avatar should be in the range of ~1200-2000 millimeters in height to best fit into the MD world.  Check your avatars height by using the menu option of Avatar>Measurement>Height measurement (Avatar).  Click the tool on the ground plane at the feet of your avatar and drag up to the top of the head.  If the avatar doesn't fall into this range, try re-importing it and carefully selecting the scaling factor to use in the Import option box.


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    Thank you for your reply! I measured my model, and it said 154 cm, so I believe it's already in a human scale. (I probably messed the grid up).

    >  using the Bond feature in Properties

    Is there any difference between Bond and Solidify? 

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    The problem is, if I make the pattern stiff, it doesn't form this natural curve. The seam between the "stand" and the "fall" is a sharp angle, making them looks like paper cut.

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    Solidify will 'set' any wrinkles or creases and hold them through simulation.  Useful if you want to have a sweater or jacket sleeve pushed up an arm.

    Bond  will make a given fabric choice a stiffer-than-normal movement during simulation.  It generally acts as a substitute for an interfacing layer, such as in collars.

    Strengthen will also act like the Bond action, but can be applied to a selection as well as to a complete pattern piece. 

    A lot will depend on what material settings you choose: the base fabric choice (try other settings besides the Default--you may get better results right off the bat), the amount of Bond stiffness applied, etc.  In this example pic, the collar stand is Strengthened for the top image, and not Strengthened for the bottom.  In both images, the collar stand and the collar fall have the setting of Cotton (poplin) applied.

    Play with the settings and see what appeals to your taste.

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    Thank you very much. I still can't make it like the reference, but using bond does help a bit.

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