Iron out clothes

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    You can simply pull the garment into position so it flattens out more under realtime simulation and if you want nice crisp creases > and where it folds you can assign an internal line on the pattern(s) and change the fold angle in the property editor so the garment sits flatter at those points.

    You also have a couple of factors you can change in the physical fabric preset > the friction value that makes the cloth easier to slide around, and the weight of the fabric could be increased so it less likely to crease.


    To make fabric smoother you also have a 'strengthen' factor > click the pattern piece in the 3D window > right click mouse and choose strengthen, that will override the fabric physical preset and make the cloth smoother (more stiff), to hold that shape you can then apply 'solidify' so you can move it around under dynamic simulation without the drape falling out as you reposition it.


    To get crisp fold and seam details look to the two settings below on the patterns / sewing lines and in the property editor. You will need to adjust these specifically for the flat layout you want to acheive.


    Gravity reset to a crushing -980000 > fold lines at crease points set to 0d angle > pattern additional collision offset reset to 1.5mm > additional render thickness 1.0mm > simulate at 10 mesh particle mesh density.


    As the patterns around the arms show shape when assembled you have to appreciate that the cloth has to crease in order to sit flat. To reduce that effect you could use the steam iron and shrinkage BUT you would also be changing the pattern shape if you do this, so you may need to strike a balance on what is acceptable creasing given a flat tee shirt.


    The alternative to keep drape in a tee shirt is to place the shirt on a hanger instead and hang in the vertical as that will hold the fullness and the sleeve shape better so there are no creases in the presentation.


    Hope those tips help.

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    Angel Angel's suggestion is good. To add to it, if you only wan to flatten out a specific area (like you said around the shoulder), you can just add 4~6 pins (press W then click it) around that area, then manually place these pins. It's more of a quick and dirty solution, but if you just want to render a static image, it's probably the fastest.

    You can also add the pins then use Steam tool to shrink that area. 

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    Added some detail to my last post.

    Sometimes a hanger with shoulder shaping is a good alternative for tees.

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