How to keep underlying collar in place during animation

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    It actually sounds as if there is something else going on, if you are already playing with friction values, etc.  Unfortunately, there are a whole bunch of things it *could* be, so we will need more information to narrow it down.....

    To start to figure it out, could we see a screenshot that includes both the 3D and 2D windows, please?  For the 3D window shots, show both the 'before' and 'after' of the described problem, and for the 2D shots, please have the sewing connections showing (use the Edit Sewing tool to select all patterns, so all of the connections are visible).  

    With those to analyze, the issue might become more apparent than simply words may describe.  

    Thank you.

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    Hi Rosemary,

    Thank you for responding and apologies for the delayed response. (Machine has been rendering for the past week.) Several images attached, before animation and after using various avatar friction settings. Fabric is linen, default settings. No tacks. The pattern screenshot is confusing because of all of the overlapping sewing lines. It is based on an early 18th-century man's workshirt pattern and includes collar gussets plus shoulder straps sewn over the top seams.

    What is the precise difference between static and kinetic friction? Is kinetic friction added to static friction during animation? Can you give any examples of when you should adjust one or the other, or both? In this situation, should the friction values be increased or decreased? And what is the usable range for both? 0-1? Or greater? 

    Part of the reason I'm asking all these questions is because changing the friction settings seems to make no difference here.

    I also tried increasing the warp/weft stretch resistance of the linen fabric, and that seems to help a bit. But changing those settings affects the way the material drapes elsewhere so I reset them to the default values.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.


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    Also, I meant to mention that I removed the overlying jacket because (as it turns out) it isn't the source of the problem. The collar is getting stretched regardless.


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    Try deactivating (pattern and sewing) the two "shoulder strap' pieces as a first step.  (By using the Deactivation option, you won't lose the work you have done, if it turns out not to be that.)  There are some odd sewing connections on those which *might* be the cause.  (It's a little hard to make it out.)  Everything else looks good from a sewing basis.  The garment as a whole looks to be of a good size to fit the avatar, so that's most likely okay, also.

    The only other thing may be the friction settings of the suspender straps and not the shirt's settings.  But we can look at that next.

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    Thanks. I appreciate the step-by-step diagnosis here.

    One thing I noticed is that the shirt was tucked in very tightly, so the trouser band was also pulling on it. I untucked it slightly to create some looseness above the waistband and to give the model more freedom of movement. That's how they would have worn them anyway. It seems to help.

    So with the untucked shirt, here are two more tests: with and without the shoulder straps. (This is a copy of the file so I just deleted the straps.) The odd stitching on the straps is probably because they are stitched to the sleeves, the shirt front and back, the collar gussets, and the collar. Many overlapping seams.

    Doesn't seem to make much difference, either way.

    Friction setting for shirt material is linen default of 3 [0.03]. Friction for suspenders is set to zero.



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    Well, it doesn't seem like a huge difference between the two poses.  Your shirt does look loose enough to avoid the more common problem of a poor fit. 

    As a first experiment, try removing the suspender straps and seeing if that effects the shirt's position during the animation.  (You may have problems with the pants depending on how tight the waistband is.) 

    As another experiment, try pulling the collar and shirt into a more desired position while the arms are down, then animating the arms being raised.  Does the cloth  bunch up in a manner you don't like?  It may help give you a better starting position for the animation.  (Is your animation planned to start from the T-pose, or are you thinking of a walk cycle, etc.,?)

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