Mesh and skeleton imported on different axis (from Maya/UE)

  • Sonia Kong COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Hello Armin Makovec,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    According to the image you shared, the rotate value of the mesh seems to be set incorrectly. Please check the value in Maya or Unreal Engine.


    I hope this information helps you! Should have further questions, please let us know :)

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    In maya or unreal you get the option to set the avatar + rigs swizzle (x,y,z) orientation on export but you also need to ensure in your prior software that the skin mesh that is bound in the avatar models rig does not have additional constraints (scalars etc) that when parented react differently on export.  This means in Maya or unreal you need to ensure any parented rotations or swizzle vectors (x,y,z) are 'applied' so that when you export using a preset no interpolation of scalars can occur when your import to MD.


    Think of it like baking > you bake all your model elements in the scene root tree > scales, rotations, translations, arrays, so that they are 'zero'd out such that they are then independent of the unit world space system you were using (eg: maya world space, unreal world space)  > then export.

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