Is there anyway to make some pieces of garments kinda fixed?

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    A few options:

    You can create a duplicate fabric preset > copy fabric > and change the physical factors to dampen just the hood patterns and maybe also add in some extra friction so it stays put with the hoody back. I would also maybe increase the physical preset weight for those hood elements.




    Alternatively you can tack the hood to the avatar at a point on the back with a long thread so it can bounce around (with less energy) yet it can only stray so far before being pulled back.


    You can add a dual layer fabric (Bond) to the hood that is more rigid and has some extra weight.


    You can simulate the hood in the down position and select the hood patterns then right click mouse > solidify. This will keep the down hood shape in the cloth but also allow it to simulate with the garment so it locks in some mesh shaping.


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    Missed an image for adjusting the copied fabric physical preset > Increase dampening, friction and density (weight) for just the hood patterns.

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    Ok, I will have time try these one by one, appreciate it!


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