Auto Fitting coming up with "only works with simulated garments"

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    Hello Britton Michael,

    Thank you for contacting us!


    "It only works for a simulated garment", which is an alert that appears when there is no fitting suit data in the garment.

    To use the Auto Fitting tool, the garment itself should contain Fitting Suit data as well as the avatar wears Fitting Suit.


    In order to add Fitting Suit data on your garment,

       - The garment should be simulated on the avatar provided by Marvelous Designer (Marvelous Designer 9.5 or above)

       - The garment should be simulated on the avatar having Fitting Suit data after creating Fitting Suit and applying on the avatar.


    I recommend you to simulate your garment on the Marvelous Designer default avatar, then your garment will have Fitting Suit data.

    For more detailed information, I've attached the Fitting Suit manual for you. Please refer to the manual (click here)


    I hope this information helps you. If you couldn't resolve with the way mentioned above, could you send your garment file via

    Should have further questions, please let us know :)

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