Help trying to fit a belt using an imported 3d mesh buckle as Trim?

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    Hi Heveron Shaun,

    You can either use trim as a static mesh and move it in space when not simulating, or you can use the glue dropper on the top right corner of the gizmo when you select the trim mesh to attach to the cloth (much like buttons in marvelous designer) 

    You can't move the trim itself during simulation.  You can try use the glue tool to attach to the belt cloth.  However, in your case, I would recommend that you do the bellow steps:

    1. create a band that warps around your inter garment to make the tight wrinkles you desires

     2. use the glue dropper to attach the buckle to the bend at the desired place

    3. hide that band

    4. thread your actual belt though the buckle


    I would also like to point to you our discord channel, you can get faster respond there in the future: [Link]



    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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    Just for reference, the actual belt can't be threaded through the glued buckle because collision can't be enabled when a Trim object is glued! This appears to be a bug. So all the happens is the actual belt just falls through the buckle mesh.

    I have encountered this issue with all the fittings and for example trying to make a harness for a horse. It is very frustrating and I am looking potentially at using Houdini Vellum just to solve this problem.

    Many thanks for your suggestion though.

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